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Bleach Cream for Private Parts

Bleach Cream for Private Parts

There are a number of reasons that might explain why your pubic areas are slightly darker than the surrounding areas – it may be your skin type, it may be your age, or it may be due to hormones. Discoloration of the skin in the pubic area can also be caused by shaving and hair removal creams, as well as poor hygiene, so it is important that you minimize the risk that your skin will darken further by waxing instead of shaving and by keeping the skin properly clean. Dark skin around the anus can be caused by the expulsion of bodily waste, but it can also be caused by fluctuations in hormones in both men and women.

Many people are seeking to bleach their private parts as society is becoming more and more exposed, meaning that many people are turning to bleaching their private areas as just another step in their beauty routine. You can get bleached at a beauty salon but you can also buy bleaching creams that enable you to bleach your private parts at home. Details of such creams are below.

South Beach Skin Solutions

This company sells products that are specifically formulated to lighten intimate areas of skin and to numb the pain felt when waxing the intimate areas of skin. One of their products, South Beach Skin Solutions Gel for Sensitive Areas is formulated to lighten intimate areas of the skin, including the anus and genital areas. It can also be used under the arms and because it is a lightening gel, it can actually be used on any area of skin that you’d like to lighten. It’s specially formulated to be gentle on your private areas and contains no bleaching agents such as hydroquinone or kojic acid – instead, it is made from plant extracts and other natural extracts that make it gentle enough for you to use it straight after waxing. The product can also be used on the penis itself, unlike any other bleaching cream on the market. Because it’s a gel, it also sinks into the skin with relative ease, meaning that you don’t need to wait around for the cream to sink into the skin before you can get dressed and go about your regular business. Buy it from www.southbeachskinsolutions.com for $49.95. The company also sell a body milk that can be used all over the body to lighten skin everywhere, rather than just on intimate areas. A roll on is also available for use on the underarms.

Esoterica Nighttime Fade Cream

This cream is one of the most effective on the market for the price, a measly $11.99. It contains 2% hydroquinone, which is a low strength that should be suitable for most people to use on their intimate areas. It’s suitable for use in a number of areas, including the intimate areas, face, arms, legs etc. It’s dermatologically tested and has been found to be very effective in lightening the skin. If you experience any discomfort whilst using the product, discontinue use immediately. Buy the product from http://www.shopinprivate.com/anbleaccream.html for $11.99.

I would recommend that you steer clear of any bleaching creams that contain more than 2% hydroquinone. A lot of retailers state that their products are extra strength or maximum strength, and you should steer clear of these products for use on your intimate areas. For your whole body, you should not use a cream that is more than 4% in potency. Speak to your doctor for more details.

Bonus intimate beauty tip: I came across this tip whilst searching for intimate bleaching creams. For perky, rosy-looking areolas, apply some cheek/lip tint to the area to give the look of perky, fresh nipples. Buy from www.benefitcosmetics.com.