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Calsun Facial Tanning Sun Lamp

Calsun Facial Tanning Sun Lamp

The skin is a very important part of the entire aesthetic appeal of an individual. But there are different skin conditions and some people have different skin colors from others. Some people have lighter skin while others have darker skin. Individuals who are pale and those who have very lightly colored skin are more conscious about their skin color especially during winter time. This is because the cold season can make the skin very dry and because of the cold weather, the blood circulation isn’t very active and the skin loses its natural glow. That is why a lot of white skinned individuals desire to have a good tan before the winter season arrives.

But what if you did get a tan but your skin whitens very quickly? What if you weren’t able to get a tan before the winter season arrives? What if you don’t have time to tan during the other seasons and winter time is the only period when you have free time? Tanning doesn’t have to be hard, but it’s certainly not cheap. Going to a tanning salon to lie on that UV bed is just a complete waste of money, especially if you can do activity yourself. But there’s no sun in winter, so how will you possibly be able to get a natural tan during that period?

One of the best solutions for your tanning needs is the CalSun Facial Tanning Sun Lamp. It’s a facial tanning lamp that’s especially designed to give your face that beautiful glow even during the winter season. The CalSun facial tan is a small lamp with four 15 Watt fluorescent bulbs. It’s very handy and easy to use so you can carry it around everywhere you go. You can have a tan in your bathroom, in your bedroom, in your living room, and even in a friend’s house. The package of the lamp even comes with a UV protective eyewear so you can keep your eyes protected while having the tan.

The maximum exposure period that you should have is 30 minutes, and the tanning lamp has its own automatic shut off timer for a 30 minute period. A daily 30 minute tan is a perfect regimen to keep your skin as pleasantly tan and glowing as possible. But this product doesn’t just serve as a great tanning device for winter. It’s also perfect for spring, fall, and even summer if you don’t want to go out and have a tan in the beach. You can use the tanning lamp all year round, and each bulb lasts for a very long time so you get several hundreds of tans before you would have to replace any of the bulbs.

It’s a very easy product to carry around with the dimensions of 10’’ x 7’’ x 14’’ and a weight of 8.25 pounds. It’s also designed to be long lasting so you won’t regret investing in this piece of art. It’s a very cheap device as well, with a price range that’s around $100 to $200. The fabulous effect of the tanning lamp makes it a perfect tool in making your skin glow. The beautiful effect of this tanning lamp doesn’t even show as an artificial tan. You can show off your beautiful skin any time of the year, and you can also make your skin glow all year round without worrying when to have a tan or about spending for a tanning salon.

If you really want to have that beautiful tan that everyone wants to have, you should definitely invest in the CalSun Facial Tanning Sun Lamp. It’s perfect for all your facial tanning needs.