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Get Your Skin Ready for Summer

Get Your Skin Ready for Summer

Summer SkinSummertime is the time of year where everyone shies away from winter clothes and makeup and out comes bare legs and barely there makeup. Lots of women worry about what they look like on the beach and that’s completely normal – that’s why we show you some ways to get body confident and feel fantastic all year round.

Weight Gain

If you’ve put on some extra weight over the winter and holidays from the abundance of yummy food available and you want to lose it in time for the summer, you should really be looking to shed those pounds no later than February to give yourself chance to lose the weight without rushing yourself. Cut processed food from your diet and up your intake of vegetables and fruit. Drink lots of water and cut out things like chocolate and white bread, substituting them for healthier choices. Once you’ve got to your goal weight, you might need to tone up – try an exercise regime made up of weights and cardio to tone your body whilst increasing your fitness levels. If you’ve developed stretch-marks whilst putting weight on, you should try a stretch-mark reducing cream or oil – Bio-Oil is a brilliant choice and is known to work within three months. The stretch-marks will disappear on their own with time, but probably not in time for your holidays.

Get Glowing

Winter weather conditions can be really damaging to skin, causing it to dry out and become red, itchy and inflamed. The key to beautiful summer skin is to exfoliate and hydrate your skin to restore it back to being beautiful. Give your whole body a good exfoliating scrub once a week using either a sea salt scrub or a loofah brush to remove dead skin cells. Follow up the exfoliation with a heavy moisturizer to keep your skin smooth and hydrated. Up your water intake so that you’ll be glowing from the inside out, and remember to top up your moisturizer when you’ve shaved the skin.


Depending on your skin type, you might think about using fake tan until your skin tans naturally in the sun. There are lots of ways to do this, but one of the most popular is to use a gradual tanner in the form of a moisturizer. Most women moisturize their skin daily, and moisturizers that contain a gradual tanner will build up a natural glow that will get deeper and darker the longer you use the tanner. It’s a really natural way to use fake tan as it just looks like your tan has developed over the course of a few sunny days. You could also take a spray tan before you go on holiday to give you that sun-kissed look before you even get on the beach – these tanners are available at all good beauticians and you can pick up a gradual tanner moisturizer in most good supermarkets.

Hair Removal

Hair removal is a big bug-bear of many women, particularly in the summer as hair growing back is far more noticeable because you’re exposing parts of your body that have been hidden under clothes all winter. There are many ways that you could remove body hair, but the easiest is probably to get your hair waxed off before you go on holiday. It lasts longer than shaving, and although it’s not the most comfortable experience, you won’t have to irritate your skin by shaving it every few days. You could also use an epilator as this rips the hair out from the roots, rather than just blunting it, meaning that you remain hairless for longer. Epilation is quite painful though so it’s only an option if you can take the pain! There are also hair-minimizing moisturizers available that stop the hair growing back so quickly, and these are a great thing to use after shaving.