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Scabies Removal

Scabies Removal

Have you ever experienced having scabies? There are millions of people all over the world who have suffered and are suffering from the undesirable skin infection. If you are one of them, then you must know just exactly how difficult it can be to have a very irritating skin infection. Scabies is caused by the skin mite Sarcoptes scabiei. It affects almost anyone and it can cause redness, severe itching, scaling of the skin, and rashes which can inflame and cause great pain and discomfort.

When you experience scabies, the only thing that you would desire is to have it removed. Fortunately, there are a lot of different solutions that you can use for scabies removal. Some people prefer natural remedies like herbs, lifestyle changes, and home treatments, while others prefer the solution given by medical professionals and doctors like prescription and non-prescription drugs and medical treatments.

Some of the lifestyle changes which you should perform even if you’re taking drugs are taking a bath regularly, cleaning and disinfecting the scabies area, and cleaning the household materials that you used and came in contact with your skin. Taking a bath can be very helpful in killing the scabies mite that has infected your skin. You can also disinfect it with alcohol and povidone iodine. Clean the area several times a day to hasten the disinfection and get the mite killed quickly. You should also make sure that you disinfect the materials that you have used so that no one else can get infected by the mite and the infection can stop after you get cured.

Home treatments and herbal remedies for scabies are very effective and a lot of people prefer to use them for the removal of their skin infection. The most effective herbs for scabies removal are cloves, onions, garlic, ginger, margosa, St. John’s wort, and menthol. These help kill the scabies mite very quickly and they also have antibacterial and antifungal properties that help disinfect the area.

Over the counter drugs for scabies removal are very popularly used by individuals who want quick cures for their skin infection. Antihistamines are some of the most popularly used scabies treatments, but these drugs do not really work to kill the scabies or cure the entire infection. What the drug can do, on the other hand, is reduce the inflammation that the infection can cause. The side effects of the infection are the rashes and itching on the skin which are allergic reactions caused by the bite of the skin mite. By using antihistamines, the itching and rashes can diminish and the inflammation of the infection will reduce. This helps a lot of people greatly, but the skin mite itself is not really killed by the drug.

The prescription drugs which are often prescribed by doctors for their patients are permethrin and ivermection. Permethrin is often in the form of a cream while ivermectin is in the form of oral tablet. Permethrin has been a long used treatment for scabies and it is one of the standard treatments for the skin infection. Most doctors prescribe this cream for their patients. Ivermectin is a recent discovery for scabies removal. It has been used for the treatment of parasites, but it has been found to be effective in killing skin mites as well. These days, more and more doctors are giving ivermectin to their patients with scabies.

There are a lot of different treatments that people can use to treat scabies. The key is finding the best cure and using it properly along with the lifestyle changes which will help you quicken the pace of the treatment and prevent the recurrence of scabies on your skin.