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Skin Lighteners for African Americans

Skin Lighteners for African Americans

Skin lightening is an ever-growing market, mostly based on the internet, and it has a huge range of products ranging from lotions, pills, creams, bleaches, soaps and shower gels. Skin lighteners are usually only recommended to patients if they are looking to lighten small patches of skin rather than their overall appearance. However, many individuals are looking to lighten their overall appearance for a number of reasons and so may turn to ‘fast-track’ lightening products in an effort to lighten their overall skin tone.

Darker skin tones are more likely to develop dark marks on the surface of the skin after cuts or trauma, and this is due to the melanosomes within the skin. Melanosomes found in dark skin are far larger than those found in Caucasian skin and are more likely to get inflamed after trauma, leaving dark marks and problems with hyperpigmentation.

African American skin is unique in tone and texture and so needs to be treated accordingly. The first thing that many people would think to use when wanting to lighten their skin is a bleach or a bleaching cream to lighten the skin color –  however, bleaching products such as hydroquinone can actually make African American skin appear darker. Instead, you should be focusing on products that work to restrict the amount of pigment produced within the skin. You’ll also be less likely to experience side effects such as thinning of the skin and flaky, dry skin. Safe skin lightening products contain ingredients such as kojic acid, bearberry extract and liquorice extract. Some safe skin lightening products for African Americans are discussed below.


Makari are an incredibly popular skin lightening brand and they specialize in products for African Americans. They not only sell skin lightening products but they also sell a number of anti-aging products, all nourishing and developed using some of the latest skin care technologies. Many of their products are designed to restrict pigment production and to stimulate the growth of new epidermal cells. Try their Caviar Face Lightening Cream to brighten and lighten the skin whilst also hydrating and nourishing skin cells. It also helps to smooth out lumps and bumps, giving you smooth, even-toned skin. Buy it from http://www.makari.com/Caviar-Face-Lightening-Cream.html for $53.00.


Meladerm is one of the best skin lightening products out there. The product is formulated to be safe and effective for all skin types and colors and it contains no hydroquinone or other harmful ingredients such as mercury. It uses bearberry extract and mulberry extract and works to inhibit melanin production within the skin, ultimately giving your skin a lighter appearance. It’s unique in that the base carriers used in the cream were specifically chosen because they help the skin to absorb the active ingredients within the cream far more easily than other base carriers. They also use a special airless dispensing technology, meaning that the product does not get oxidized. This helps to keep the quality of the product at the highest level, meaning that you continually get impressive results from the cream. Buy their flagship pigment reducing product from http://www.civantskincare.com/products/meladermr-pigment-reducing-complex.html for $49.99.

You could also try a number of natural skin lightening processes, such as lemon juice mixed with honey or lime juice mixed with milk powder. Baking soda and vinegar are also thought to be good natural lightening products, but you must be careful and keep the skin hydrated with moisturizers so that it does not dry out. You should stay out of the sunlight when treating yourself with lightening products as the sun could be very damaging on your skin without your usual protective layer of melanin. You’re also likely to tan far more easily, negating the point of you using the product.