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Stem Cell Therapy by BioLogic Review

Stem Cell Therapy by BioLogic Review

Regeneration is difficult for many body organs. Once a part of the body is damaged, it may heal but the natural state of the organ will never return to normal. This may be very frustrating for many individuals who experienced undesirable accidents and, in the blink of an eye, lost their perfectly normal and beautiful appearance. Cases like these are apparent in victims of burns, severe crashes or vehicular accidents, and serious diseases and illnesses.

Technology has made quite an effort in simplifying many tasks and helping resolve many problems that the bare hands cannot perform. The reach of its innovations is vast and insurmountable, even in fields the human mind couldn’t have imagined. Science along with knowledge has created a modern revolution – a war against what never seemed possible before but will now. Man’s ambition is to achieve certain heights where he can say that he can do anything, absolutely anything.

The advancement in the field of medicine has made a new realization for men, the possibility of skin regeneration. The method shall make use of stem cells in order to regenerate the skin along with its appendages similar to its natural state.

When the skin is severely damaged, the scars formed or the new layer of skin is very different from before. There is a slight difference in color, and the appendages like the sweat glands and hair follicles are no longer present. The skin may have healed from its injury but the memory will remain with the vivid scars that can change the appearance of an individual. Not only is it horrific to experience such a tragedy, but infuriating as well because the natural beauty of the body has been lost. There is no definite way of recovering the original composition of the skin, but stem cell skin repair is now bringing up much discussion.

There are two classes of stem cells – embryonic and adult stem cells. They are found in the bone marrow of humans. There are also stem cells found in adipose tissues called adipose stem cells. These stem cells are both known to be helpful in regenerating normal skin composition and enhancing skin repair.  And that is where Stem Cell Therapy by BioLogic enters the picture as an anti wrinkle treatment.

The epidermis has limited capacity of regeneration because the keratinocytes do not have the ability to completely repair skin damage. The application of stem cells in damaged skin is very satisfying because of its high regenerative abilities. The stem cells taken from the bone marrow are transplanted onto the damaged skin and treated with other medical procedures. Stem cell skin repair has been studied closely and many good effects have been exhibited by the process. However, there is not yet enough research and tests done to certify that the new discovery is 100% safe, effective, or long-lasting. There are still many studies being done in order to further clarify the stand of medical practitioners and professionals regarding the use of stem cells in repairing skin damage.

Inevitable incidents cannot be prevented, especially if fate has bound them to happen. The trauma and terror of the victims of such incidences are difficult to deal with, especially if the tragedy has cost them an important part of their body. Scientists and researchers are continuously finding different solutions to the problems of many unfortunate people who had to experience severe traumatic accidents and lose the wellness and natural condition of the body. Hopefully in the years to come, there will be definite medical answers to the terrible conditions that an ill-fated few painfully endure