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Suzanne Somers Facemaster Review

Suzanne Somers Facemaster Review

There are a lot of skin care products in the world, and a lot of these are available in most markets and stores all over the neighborhood. If you want to have smoother and suppler skin, you should use a moisturizer. If you want to lose those dark spots and hyperpigmentation problems, you should use a skin lightening cream or serum. If you want to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun, you should use a sun screen or sun block. If you want to eliminate wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet, you should use an anti-aging solution. But with the many different products that you have to buy, don’t you think it’s too much of a burden or expense to have to keep on buying all of these products every now and then? Isn’t there one product that can replace most, if not all, of these products?

Fortunately, the Suzanne Somers FaceMaster has been developed. This skin care treatment is one of a kind – a unique device that’s not made of cream, gel, or serum. It’s a skin care device made of two wands, an electric current, and a skin care kit which you will use to promote optimal skin health and beauty. But what does Suzanne Somers FaceMaster have to offer that’s different from all other skin care products in the market?

The FaceMaster makes use of an electric current that is applied to the surface of the skin, allowing the current to pass through the deeper layers of the skin and creating an effect of skin renewal. But is this electric current safe to use? According to physicians and doctors, the grade of the electric current applied by the FaceMaster is appropriate for skin therapy and treatment. It does not have any undesirable side effects which can cause harmful or uncomfortable problems on the skin. So if the FaceMaster is safe, how then is it beneficial to use? What does electricity do to our skin?

For several years, doctors have studied the effects of electricity on the skin cells. It has been found that a small and safe dose of electricity which is regularly applied on the skin stimulates the deeper layers of the skin, allowing blood circulation to increase, skin cell growth and generation to hasten, and production of collagen and elastin to enhance. Therefore, using electricity in lieu of skin care products allows you to replace a moisturizer, anti-aging formula, and skin lightening product, saving you a lot of money and effort in applying all different products on different times of day.

How should the FaceMaster be used? It is advisable to use the FaceMaster for several minutes a day only, ranging from 10-20 minutes in the beginning, as your skin is getting used to the device. Every other day, perform the skin care regimen by applying electric currents all over your facial skin until all areas have been covered. As you continue using the device, you can lengthen the use, up to 30 minutes. This will allow your skin to be more stimulated and as you age, the skin will be better able to cope with aging and fight all the factors that can cause skin aging and damage.

It is also advisable to continuously use the FaceMaster as a part of your lifetime regimen. If you stop using the device abruptly, your facial skin may begin sagging due to the sudden change in regimen. It is also unadvisable to use the product on the neck because it can harm the carotid-sinus nerve. Apart from that, there are no harmful effects that the FaceMaster can bring about as long as it is used appropriately.