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Underarm Acne

Underarm Acne

The underarms are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. It easily darkens because it’s a major joint, just like the knees. It also has thinner skin as compared to the other parts of the body. The skin in the underarms is also prone to many different problems, the most common of which is darkening. But there is also  another problem that people frequently experience, and the worst thing is that it’s extremely uncomfortable – underarm acne.

Underarm Acne: What is it?

Just like acne on the face, underarm acne is characterized by the appearance of several pimples in the underarms. There is also the likelihood of pustules and pinheads appearing on the underarms. The pimples are sometimes filled with pus and they can also erupt. The most annoying thing about underarm acne is the pain and discomfort that it can bring. The creases of the underarm cause the skin to come in contact with the pimples, causing pain. The pimples are inflamed which is why they are painful.

Why does underarm acne occur?

There are a lot of causes of underarm acne, but the root cause of the condition is the infection of bacteria in the underarm pores. When the pores of the underarms get blocked by bacteria, the hair follicles become infected, and the reaction is the appearance of pimples. These pimples become filled with pus because the bacteria are fought off by white blood cells. When these erupt, the pain can be very frustrating, and you won’t be able to move your arms very well.

What triggers underarm acne?

There are many different triggers that cause underarm acne. The following are the most common of these:

  1. Hair Removal Methods – hair removal is a process that many women do in order to keep their underarm clear and presentable. It’s a part of normal female hygiene. However, incorrect practice of hair removal can cause underarm acne, especially if it irritates the underarms.
    1. Plucking. Sometimes, when you pluck, the follicles become very painful. They can bleed because of the plucking action. When this happens and bacteria are present, the bacteria can enter the wound and this can cause the infection.
    2. Shaving. Shaving can also cause pimples especially if your improper shaving strokes cause razor burns in your underarms. When this happens, the razor burns can be subject to bacterial infection and this can be the reason why pimples appear.
    3. Waxing. Waxing is often seen as a safe and smooth way of removing underarm hair, but it can be harmful too, especially if you incorrectly applied the wax and pulled it too harshly. If the hairs are growing in an opposite direction and you pulled the wax off, the pores can get irritated and the hair follicles can be infected with bacteria.
    4. Epilating. This process is done by using an epilator that mechanically pulls hair out. The quick pulling action can greatly irritate the underarms and like plucking, the follicles can get infected by bacteria.
    5. Chemical Peeling. Sometimes, using chemicals and dissolving creams on the underarms can cause burning and irritation. When this happens, the underarms can get pimples and the burns can be infected with bacteria.
  2. Improper Hygiene – the underarms are always closed so there is a very high chance of bacterial infection on the skin. If you don’t take a bath every day or if you wear clothes that are not clean, the bacteria may stick to the underarms, causing infection.
  3. Open Pores – the pores of the underarms can become open especially if you have just plucked out hair. Even if there are no wounds, if you subjected your newly plucked underarms to bacteria or to irritating substances such as strong deodorants, this can also cause pimples.